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Asthma Data Links

•    Asthma Mortality
This site provides information about asthma mortality within a three-year period (1995-97) through maps of the continental U.S. For each state and population subgroup the total number of deaths was aggregated into the Health Service Areas (HSAs). From any map of the continental US, users can click within a state to see a more detailed description of the HSAs within the state. (Note: some HSAs comprise more than one state) This site is useful in identifying disparities in asthma mortality and health-care resources and utilization at the local level.

•    Asthma In America : Texas Results

In 1998, a large comprehensive survey about public, patient and health care providers' attitudes and beliefs towards asthma was conducted by a research firm specializing in health issues, and was funded by GlaxoSmithKline Inc. In addition to the national sample of asthma patients (or parents of patients), regional samples, including the state of Texas, were also created. This site displays the results - information on severity of symptoms, quality of life, and utilization and quality of care - for both the national and the Texas sample. 

•    Kids Count Census Data
Asthma morbidity and mortality often occur disproportionately across small geographic areas. Researchers examining these variations will find this website useful for describing neighborhood characteristics. Kids Count (AE Casey Foundation) has created an interactive database using the results of the 2000 U.S. Census. With this database, users can create customized reports on income and poverty, parental employment, education, language, disability, and neighborhood characteristics.

•    Self-Reported Asthma Prevalence and Control Among Adults

This report discusses the findings of seven questions regarding asthma control among BRFSS survey respondents who reported currently having asthma. The BRFSS is a state-based, random-digit-dialed survey of the non-institutionalized civilian U.S. population aged >18 years that collects information about modifiable risk factors for chronic diseases and other leading causes of death. Questions relating to lifetime and current asthma prevalence, combined with the adult asthma history module, allow state health departments to monitor trends in asthma prevalence and to direct asthma management and public health interventions.

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